Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday 20 February

Dry morning just above freezing.

We had the lodges to ourselves - this usually happens in bad weather but this morning it was good for rambling.
Fungi on fallen Silver Birch

We see lots of these as Birch is one of the most common trees in this area.

Butterbur - Petasites hybridus just showing.

Butterbur - Petasites hybridus - flowers are open but it will get much taller.

Butterbur - Petasites hybridus - it's one that flowers first, the large leaves will follow.

Across the lodge we spot a cyclist who seems to be doing a bit of bird watching, well at least we have seen someone out and about. A moment later they were gone.

Dutch Crocus - Crocus x stellaris

Foxglove Leaves - Digitalis purpurea

Garlic Mustard Leaves - Alliaria petiolata

King Alfred's Cakes


Oak covered in moss.


Snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis 

Spring & Dutch Crocus

Tern Raft still in the same spot.

We walked to the River and along - 
These are various views from the river path.

Take Care.


  1. Nice to see the Butterbur starting to flower, I haven't seen any yet.

  2. That butterbur is very strange. I would love to see it! The garlic mustard is one of the worst invasive plants here. Trying hard to control it.


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