Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday 27 March

Mild dry morning, we fed the birds around the lodges and then moved on to wander around the valley.

This Ash long dead has been supported by the Silver Birch nearby, it has rotted right at the base.

Common Dog Voilet - Viola riviniana another sign of summer coming.

Fungi on Silver Birch.

Yesterday we were pestered by the birds at this feeding spot - today we only got one the Great Tit.

Great Tit

No activity at the Long Tail Tit nest, hope it survives.

Part of Spring Wood.

The Weir & Fish Ladder.

Wood Anemone - Anemone nemorosa

Wood Anemone - Anemone nemorosa

Wood Sorrel - Oxalis acetosella

Wood Sorrel - Oxalis acetosella

Take Care.

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  1. No Wood Sorrel or Wood Anemones yet in our area.


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