Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday 9 November

Damp again - we headed for the Lower Burgh Meadow 

 As we passed the Big Lodge we found the Cormorant still on the tern raft, I bet there are a few disgruntled fishermen.
 This is one of the trees planted in memory of a loved one - it is not a wild crab apple but I would guess at Golden Hornet a garden variety 
 Fungi (Turkey Tail) on Lower Burgh Meadow
 I think this is a man made pond as it has a run off to the reconstructed pond on the Lower Burgh. After this point we found very little as this part of the Burgh seems to have been levelled and could almost take a lawn mower!!
 We made our way back to the big lodge and on our way down we spotted this nest in the distance  - we saw a Magpie nearby and wondered if it was one of theirs?
 Quite a big construction
 Young Swan getting some flying time in
 this young pair are already being picked on by Billy their Dad.
 Not a bad landing
Feeding Time

Take care.


  1. That helps confirm my suspicion that I found a Golden Hornet crab apple a few weeks ago. Does this look right to you? http://grazingtheditches.blogspot.com/2011/10/found-yellow-crabapple-tree.html

  2. Had a look Joan it looks right.


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