Monday, February 06, 2012

Wednesday 1 February Part two

As you can see Meg was immediately at home, she has been before. 

The Bridge in the background was always painted Green & White - it looked strange to see it in red. This was the main bridge over the River Croal into the park from Spa Road - across the bridge use to be a the riding stables, football and hockey pitches. There are now retail units on it.
If you ask me how many times as a child have run round the stone ring my answer would be hundreds, there are grooves in the stones from years of children enjoying playing there.
At the top of this path use to stand the Conservatory which later became the Butterfly House do not know what happened to the house but the Butterflies are now at Moss Bank Park.
All this area under the bridge and beyond was overgrown when we were kids.
Still looks as good as new even though it's over a hundred years old.
Another of the old bridges - not as fancy as the main one, there were lots of little ones like this.

Take Care.

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  1. A very attractive park! How stabilizing to still be able to visit a place you played as a child.


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