Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday 16 January

Cold again

Look who is visiting my new birdbox, this one has a camera fitted - I did not expect interest so soon.

I am hoping to get a pair in the box so that I can watch and post their progress.

Take Care


  1. Good luck! I hope the nest box is taken up this spring.

  2. Wow! how did you do that? did you get some kind of kit?

  3. The camera is basic the main important thing for me was it had to connect to my computer, this one does by usb. The whole came as a kit but I scrapped the box (not up to much)and used bits to make up this one to replace an old one, I must admit I am quite impressed with the little camera.

  4. Monica Smith2:12 pm

    Brilliant often thought of getting one

  5. I would not hesitate, I had hope to buy one from Aldi before Christmas but they went like hot cakes, I will be keeping my eyes on their special list for the next lot and I will be buying another.


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