Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday 15 February

Dry & Very mild 
I went with Sue and the Dogs to Rivington again, we made it to the Chinese gardens where we once played as children (long ago) they used to be over grown then, they are slowly being brought back to - I can't say their former glory but still impressive, this was all designed and landscaped pre 1920s it must have been stunning then.
We found the pond and worked our way back down through the Ravine what a task that must have been, a lot has been sealed off from the public - but what is available are the views.  I certainly did not appreciate them as a child - I am just glad I can see them again and the beauty of the terraced gardens.

 Garden Lake/Pond
 Looking down the Ravine to the bridge
 Look at the work that went into that bridge
 It even has stalactites forming beneath it
 Now we are below the bridge - I am sure every stone was placed with care and thought - to impress and it does.
We also found a small specimen of Arrow Bamboo - Pseudosasa japonica at the bottom of the Ravine, we also saw bigger specimens further up that we could not reach, they were probably the original plants.

A stunning and enjoyable walk

Take Care


  1. A very interesting place! I would love to explore it with you.

  2. This is a wonderful area Joan and should you ever venture this side of the pond the Ramblers would love to show you our beautiful country.


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