Monday, April 29, 2013

Friday 26 April

Dry, mild morning and someone has already been about.

Then there was one - this photo was taken this morning.
 I fear that we will soon lose the last primrose on Primrose Hill, every year they decreased in number, why keep taking them? We started counting them a few years ago and nine plants were seen on this banking, this year we found two and now one is left. Who ever has done this should know that it is an offence to pick a wild flower - they have done worse and stolen this struggling plant - selfish is the word I choose to describe them they have robbed us of the beauty and worse than that taken part of a food source for the already struggling bees, I am sure their answer would be it's only a flower what difference will that make. Don't be blinkered let's think about the future, we will need every bit of nature to keep our world safe. 
This photo was taken on the 31 March showing the two plants.

Take Care


  1. Digging up wild flowers also infuriates me, luckily in our area up to now we don't seem to have a problem.

  2. Interesting. I have occasionally dug something up, but only if there were LOTS of them. So primroses grow wild there? I think of them only as garden plants.

  3. They are one of our most popular native plants Joan, Primrose Hill was renown for them sadly no more.


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