Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday 18 July

Sunny morning

 Himalayan Balsam - Impatiens glandulifera we are going to have to find an answer to this - watched a programme the other day about Beavers and as they are vegetarians could be the answer, well that's the theory put forward by the programme. The thought that crossed my mind was we have not had any beavers in Lancashire for 100s of years apart from the ones at Martin Mere for the public to view, there is an on going release project but I think it is in Scotland and if we do release some here it will take a while to establish, you get my point we need to be doing it now and not keep looking for answers to a problem that has taken over.

I love this flower and its cousins (morning glory), pity it is so invasive, in the wild it seems to be kept in check by nature but in our gardens it can become a nightmare. I am always warning against this and other plants that like to take control. Still it's a beauty and the insects love it.
Large Bindweed - Calystegia silvatica

Take Care

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