Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tuesday 27 August

Lovely dry morning, we did Dry Bones and round on to Primrose Hill.

 Bittersweet - Solanum dulcamara finding this all over the valley. A member of the nightshade family, mention nightshade and people start pulling it up, when I ask them what about the potato and tomato, they are stunned to find they also belong to the nightshades, lots of plants are toxic to a point we just need to be careful, not enough people & children are out playing like we did and had to learn, we were told never eat anything unless you ask or know what is safe and what is not. 
This was the view from the top of Primrose Hill, it looked like a patch of snow.
 Thistle seeds - thousands of them.
 Creeping Thistle - Circium arvense

Take Care 

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