Friday, November 08, 2013

Sunday 27 October

Damp again, we stayed dry on our walk, the weather must have put some off as we saw no one till we got back to the park.

 Birch Polypore
 This is the coin tree near Dry Bones not many people see this so it has never had the coins added that most do.
 This is part of the old Dry Bones mine, there are lots of these fenced areas in the valley some are air shafts but all need to be fenced and capped.
Dry Bones footpath
 This was a view you could not see a few years ago as Dry Bones Cottage stood here, I can hardly believe how quickly mother nature has started to claim it back.
 This was a beautiful cottage garden, still a few of the plants flower but every year they decrease.
 Field Rose - Rosa arvensis
A few views of the river

Take Care

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  1. I really don't get the coin trees, but is it something like throwing coins in a fountain?


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