Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunday 16 March

Good morning for photos 

 Colt's-foot - Tussilago farfara
 Frog Spawn
 Gas Burner on the meadow - This use to be the old tip so it has to have regular checks and this methane burner - the burner enclosure does have this lean on it, check it against the sky line.
 Goat Willow - Salix caprea

 Just wish the sun had been out to show the Goat Willow with it's Golden Catkins
 Gorse - Ulex europaeus
 Hawthorn - Crataegus monogyna
 New Pond on the Lower Burgh
 Taken from the path that leads down to the lodges
 Primrose - Primula vulgaris
Homeward Bound up Sunny Brow

Take Care

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