Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monday 14 April

I could not bring myself to put Sunday up as it was our usual walk to the Lower Burgh Meadow - words can not describe the desecration of what I considered a meadow just finding a good level of plant, insect and bird life, with more to come. I could hardly believe the total mess hardly any reed bed left standing - I have just read on the Chorley Natural History forum that at least 4 Reed Bunting nest have been destroyed two with eggs and studies that have been on going are now null and void . Who ever sanctioned this needs to be brought to account as this is not conservation its DEVASTATION, I would like to see the conservation report that should have been done and exactly what it contained and recommended. I would like to hear from someone who thinks this was a good idea and I do not want to hear that it was a mistake - we all know when birds nest, flowers grow and insect flourish so no excuses no passing the buck just stop trying to fix something that was not broke.

This mornings walk was in the Valley.
Field Wood-rush - Luzula campestris

Just coming through, Hartstongue - Asplenium scolopendrium

Hartstongue - Asplenium scolopendrium

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  1. Oh, sounds like a sad day. I've never seen the hartstongue fiddlehead. Very cool.

  2. It sickens me Joan, they have no idea what they have done. There is a price to pay for all this destruction, every day I read of some destruction of forests or wildlife, I shouldn't say it but thankfully I won't be around to foot the bill and money won't put it right.


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