Sunday, May 04, 2014

Wednesday 23 April

St George's Day - we always got the day off as kids, as we attended the Church School of St George, of course we had to attend Church in the morning but the day was ours after.

Another dry morning

 Bird Cherry - Prunus padus

 Bugle - Ajuga reptans

Lots of people mistake Charlock - Sinapis arvensis for Rape especially when it's in flower, on looking closer it is rough, bristly, I have noticed it is making a come back as I am seeing it in various places which is good, this is also known as Wild Mustard, Field Mustard believe it is still used in aromatherapy.

Female flower on the Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus out numbered by the male catkins so harder to spot, they are so lovely.

 It's almost unbelievable how hard Japanese Knotweed - Fallopia japonica is to eradicate this area has been weed killed for at least two years by the local Rangers, still it pushes through, it has decreased in area but it will need to be done again and probably for a good few years. I read an article recently than in some areas they recommend treatment for 10 years. Come on Rangers get the sprays ready :)

Mallard & 4 Babes we are starting to get the youngsters - seem to be more than last year.

Take Care

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  1. That Japanese Knotweed is something else. Not enough places here are working on killing it.


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