Monday, June 02, 2014

Wednesday 14 May

Good Morning at Knott End on Sea

 Birdsfoot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus

 Chives - Allium schoenoprasum

 Chives - Allium schoenoprasum

 Common Scurvey Grass - Cochlearia officinalis

 Dovesfoot Cranesbill - Geranium molle

Looking toward Fleetwood

View over the bay towards Cumbria

Saltmarsh & across Morecambe Bay toward the nuclear power station - the windmills are much safer

Windmills in Morecambe Bay

 Red Valerian - Centranthus ruber

 Rhododendron - Rhododendron ponticum

 Snow-in-summer - Cerastium tomentosum

Wild Radish - Raphanus raphanistrum

Take Care

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