Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Monday 5 January

Well we enjoyed the walk and I was looking forward to my trip to Bolton - I was going on the Ferris Wheel - well I should have gone to spec savers, I had read 9 for 4 and thought we'd go today, no ferris wheel all packed away, seems like I am not meant to ride the wheel.

 Tree roots form the steps up into Burgh Wood

On our way home came across this Wreath and noticed the cross, we have seen flowers in this area before.

Take Care


  1. The wheel moves around?

  2. Yes Joan this one is only 30 metres high, it was in Chorley a while back and I was stood wanting to go on but not having the time, so when it was in Bolton for the Christmas & New Year I thought right but it was not to be - they can put it up and down quickly - will be first in the queue next time it comes this way.


Let me know you looked in :)