Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday 22 February

Damp & cold this morning not many people about.
took a few photos mainly lichens and this one of the mussels

These are Swan Mussel - Anodonta cygnea they like freshwater, mainly lakes & rivers, they grow up to 6 inches and these were about that size, they are often added to waters to help clean up. The reason I have added them for the blog is the fact that they have been opened and eaten, there were a lot along the side of the lodge in this state, we were visited by an otter a few weeks ago and it caused some excitement, well for us anyway as they have been missing from our area for years - some have been seen further a field but they are moving and hopefully will become part of our environment again, the mussel is enjoyed by the otter so he/she may have returned.

Take Care

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