Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunday 12 October

Damp morning

We found a few fungi this morning just a couple for the blog
 Candlesnuff - Xylaria hypoxylon

 Candlesnuff - Xylaria hypoxylon

Got a tentative ID for Rosy Bonnet due to it's darker colouring, most said  Lilac Bonnet - Mycena pura so I will go with that for my files.

Lilac Bonnet - Mycena pura

Take Care

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saturday 11 October

Dry & sunny 

No one has picked the apples on the miniature tree - they are edible but would take a lot for a pie
 Artichoke Gall - Andricus fecundator

 Barrow Field View (our name for it)

 Hairy Gall - Hartigiola annulipes on Beech

 Hairy Gall - Hartigiola annulipes

 Hairy Gall - Hartigiola annulipes

 Marble Gall - Andriccus kollari on Oak

 Marble Gall - Andriccus kollari

Another new nest box been vandalised

 Silk Button Gall - Neuroterus numismalis on Oak

Spangle Gall - Neuroterus quercusbaccarum on Oak

Take Care

Monday, October 27, 2014

Friday 10 October

Lovely morning for our walk

The Heron has been on the Big Lodge most mornings, it blends in so well at times that I fail to get a photo but not this morning - one of the few I took

Take Care

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thursday 9 October

 Quiet morning

 Big Lodge

 Tiny Fungi only 1cm across the cap

on an old fence post, tentatively ID as Lilac Bonnet
 Great Crested Grebe

There have been no young this year

Take Care

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wednesday 8 October

A lovely morning

Big Lodge

 Earth Ball - Scleroderma has now erupted and scattered its' spores
 Earth Ball - Scleroderma 

The shy Little Grebe, hope it finds a mate for next year

Take Care