Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 29 January

George arrived reporting it was warm, it was very mild and dry.
Met Moira on her way home with the dogs.
We found Sue & Dawnie on Primrose Hill waiting for us.
Look at these two - looking like butter wouldn't melt, Chilli had just been in the water for a wash off ( she had been rolling in something awful) Blue looks like he's saying serves you right.
Cow Parsley just showing.
Sue had found some feathers a few days ago behind the top lodge - we thought they looked like swan feathers but not enough.

Sue had seen what she thought was a white carrier bag in Spring Wood so we made the effort to try and get near enough, it was what remained of a swan, must be the juvenile from the lodge, we think it is the large fox that we see in this area.

Sue scrambled down and brought these feathers for photographing.

All the white bits are the scattered feathers.
It's sad but that is nature.
Take care.


  1. At least it was a natural death. They have ben shooting on the estate today and I don't much like that.

  2. Nature red in tooth and claw...and yet, left to its own, it keeps the perfection of the web of life. It's only mankind which tampers with it and destroys the paradise we live in...

    Love the cow parsley. Our back garden borders a field where I leave the cow parsley to grow, as it comes into our garden and enhances it :)

  3. Thanks for the visit Angelina & Wildlife gardener, as you both say it is natures way, this young swan had been sickley from the beginning, I don't think the fox would have got it had it been fit.
    Mother Nature can take care of this planet without mans help.


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