Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday 2 February

We got about 2 to 3 inches of snow overnight, not a lot, some parts of the country got up to 12 inches.
The temperature was 1.2'c just above freezing. We met Debbie, Sue, Dawnie & Moira.

This was taken from the top of Primrose Hill looking towards home.
Jake was last up the hill.
Looking toward the building site to the left is the top end of Burgh Wood. The tree at the far left is one of the big Beech, the log on the ground is part of a bough that was brought down in a gale a couple of years ago.
The dogs all enjoyed the snow.
Some where in this picture should be two deer, they probably walked behind a tree knowing I was about. It's a good place for them as it is difficult to access.
This is the very top of Burgh Wood - it is a deep narrow valley, good for the deer.
It was a good walk, we enjoy the snow in small doses, would not like too much of it.
Did not do our shopping as the roads were bad, hard to believe a little snow can bring us to a standstill.
Take Care.

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