Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday 4 March

Raining this morning and only just above freezing.

It did not put the ramblers off as I soon met up with Debbie, Sue & Dawnie.

We had a good walk - up Primrose and on to the pond field, then up to the barrow field, we had a good look around the edge of Burgh Wood, lots of new life pushing through.

We made our way over to Spring Wood and had a look at the top end, it is very muddy and the Marsh Marigolds leaves are through, this is a big patch, if you follow the valley down through Spring Wood (wellingtons recommended) you find the seed has washed down and set all the way.

Found Coral Spot
I think this is called Jelly Spot -
Both on the same piece of wood.
We also found the female flowers on the Hazel.
We all had a good time.

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