Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday 19 April

A lovely sunny day for a wander about seeing what we could find.
Dandelion - now this beautiful flower is one that a lot of us never appreciate.
It's very deceiving - there are now 235 species that have been recorded.
I have a book with 340 pages that just covers Dandelions, so now I look and think which one are you? (they still all look alike - a work in progress)
We see them along the roadside in masses and don't they look wonderful.
Field Wood Rush, first time I have found this on the park, it's not very big so I have probably passed it in the past.
The yellow anthers make it stand out in the sun.
Field Wood Rush.
Gorse in full flower.
Hard Fern still surviving.
Hard Fern.
Hawthorne Buds.
Ivy berries.
Lady's Mantle no flowers yet.
Large Bittercress leaves.
Silver Birch Catkins.
Edward our resident male swan having a moment from patrolling the Top Lodge.
Let's hope this youngster makes it, he is certainly healthy and strong.
Just like his dad full steam ahead chasing Canada Geese.
Another Toad I moved from the path to the undergrowth, it's a standing joke now that the Toad is saying "oh no I have just come from there"
An old tree stump - reminds us of a castle, it probably is to many small animals and insects.

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