Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday 8 April

Mild, damp morning we had a walk towards Dry Bones first, there has been a lot of vandalism round the small area.
Lot's of the hazel and young trees damaged, the cottage has had at least one window put in.
Bluebells are out in number now.
Wood Sorrel
Common Dog Violet
Dry Bones Cottage
Hairy Wood Rush lots in flower.
Comfrey Lords & Ladies almost open.
The pond near Burgh Lane South almost dry, no tadpoles this year.
Had a ride to Morecambe in the afternoon.
It was a lovely afternoon but very windy, Meg had a good time.


  1. Have you ever tried making comfy oil?

  2. Many times my Grandmother was great with the herbal remedies. I can vouch for comfrey (knitbone) as a wonderful herb to ease painful swollen joints.


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