Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 30 May

Broom it stopped us in our tracks as we approached from a different path.
Dames Violet there's usually some white flowers among these - will check again next week.

Canada Geese over the Barrow heading toward Winter Hill.
Marsh Thistle
Spear Thistle not in flower yet.
Swan & Baby, she's keeping close to this one.
A bit more work at the weir - another layer of stones.

A trench has been dug behind the old wall, no sign of the Dippers.


  1. Are Dame's Violet wild flowers? They look like a species I'd be happy to have growing in my garden!

  2. they are usually garden escapees that turn up all over - this patch has been there a few years self seeding, they can reach 4-5 feet tall.


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