Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday 3 May

Thought we would get wet this morning, it was pouring down at 6am, by the time we set off it look dull with large black clouds, we got to Primrose Hill and the sun had won through.
Debbie was waiting for us and we had a good walk.
Found Dawnie on our way back.
This is on the rucks, this is looking dry even with the rain from the last few days.
First Burnet Rose we have seen.
Columbine in flower - this is a garden throw out - this is it's second year so it is quite happy. Bistort
That delicate little Field Forget Me Not.
Herb Robert
Comfrey this one is still not flowering.
White Dead Nettle
The Wintercress still looking great - I am surprised it is still in one piece.


  1. Love the info learning names for the flowers.

  2. Hi Colette, it's trying to remember them that the hard part for me :)


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