Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday 20 May

A dry morning and we are on our own today, the photo below was taken yesterday on one of our regular paths - Sue had left a message.

She wished us a good morning.

Ended up on the Lower Burgh we can spend a few hours there (well I can) just looking at the flowers.

Birds-foot Trefoil - it always looks stunning amongst the other plants and grasses.

Lady's Mantle - this group is a difficult one as they all look very similar, I should have taken a leaf but I am convinced with my notes & photos it was Pale Lady's Mantle.

Another little gem, always a pleasure to find - Cut-leaved Cranesbill.

Red Campion

Ground Ivy

Solomon's Seal

Yellow Water Lily still not in flower on the small lodge, there are four buds waiting to open.

Germander Speedwell

This is a brilliant blue, the photo does not do it justice.

Hart's Tongue

Darwin's Barberry - the fruit will eventually turn blue/purple and I must presume the birds eat them as I have one growing in a tub, it must have been left by one of my bird table visitors.

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