Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 31 July

On our own this morning so we drifted from place to place, we found quite a few interesting things - well interesting to us.

Rye grass, our budgie loved this.
This is Oyster Gall on Oak, very tiny and it is caused by a gall wasp.
Silk Button Gall on Oak.
Marble Gall - Oak again.
Tar Spot on Sycamore.
Creeping Thistle Seed Heads - I think they look like little grass skirts, probably belong to the pixies and fairies.
Plenty of Seven Spots on the thistles.
These two were also on the thistles - They were right in the thick of the black aphids, would like to know what they are.
Artichoke Gall on Oak.
Raspberries are ready.

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