Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday 27 July

Damp this morning we wandered from Spring to Burgh Wood and stayed there a while as it was raining and the canopy was still protecting us - we made a dash for home when it slackened, every one we met round the Big Lodge was soaked.

I found this Bittersweet last year at the top end of Spring Wood but it was in berry and the nettles had died back. This year I found a path through that I presume the deer or fox had made and there it was.
Elder not ripe yet.
Not seen the Heron for ages and this morning it was on the field near Sunny Brow looked like there was something good in the grass.
Do not know what spooked them - the dog was on the lead.
Pineappleweed - last year I struggled to show some one this plant.
This year it's growing every where.
Thought I was not going to find White Campion but it was near last years spot - only a couple of plants.

Why would anyone try to dig this up? It's at least 20 feet tall and rotten.
Wood Dock

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