Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday 3 August

We had a good walk and saw all sorts of things - I took 92 photos mainly records shots but I think these are of interest to some.
Currant Gall on Oak - there are a lot of galls about this year - even the acorns seem to be suffering.
I photographed a couple of these last week, since then I have had them ID as Fungus Gnats, now I am seeing them everywhere. This lot was feasting on wild angelica pollen.
I thought this was a gall on the Goat Willow - but it was rust.
It starts off as these pustules and turns to the rust we recognise.
The Heron was on the fields across the weir.
An unusual looking Hoverfly - it had black & white bands.
This is a lacewing larvae looking for aphids - they are usually a darker colour so I am wondering if this is fresh youngster.
It look the part with those pincers and a flicking tail, I left it to find it's breakfast. Certainly glad they are not Crocodile size.Macrodiplosis dryobia is the Latin name for this gall - a white larva is tucked up under the folded leaf edge.
Marble Galls on Oak.
Another Button Gall on Oak - this was hairy and purple/red.
This is another Spiders nest - smaller this time, I believe it could be a wolf spider.
I pulled the nest over so I could photograph the inside of the nest.
You can see the Spider with her blue egg sac.
Whose watching who?
Wood Sage
Wood Sage

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