Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 19 August

Saw George with Tinker on his way around the lodges, he will be back with us as soon as he feels well enough, he is looking well so it won't be long.
We walked with Debbie this morning - we had a good time, looking for the deer - Debbie had seen them near the slippery log yesterday on her afternoon walk. We have not seen them for ages. Will have to try harder.
I have been playing with a new photo editor - as the flowers get less I find I have more time to look at new ideas.
This has the edges out of focus.
A simple crop.
The next two photos look alike until you look closely.
A black & white print with just the beak coloured.
Sepia coloured.
Also marks the photos automatically with my name and copyright.
I like it.

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