Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday 26 August

We wandered all over the place today - it was a damp morning.

You can just make out the very bruised apple in the centre of the photo, this is growing on the rucks. I would guess someone threw a stump away and this is the result, it has a few more apples on it, we did manage to get one last year - it was average tasting.
Canadian Goldenrod - a garden escapee or throw out.
Quite a large patch, so it likes the area.
Common Fleabane
Corn Mint
A very damp Perennial Sow Thistle.
Another throw out Giant Montbretia.
Guelder Rose - It is misleadingly called European Cranberry-bush (it is not a cranberry).
The fruit has a very acidic taste, not recommended as it is mildly toxic, and can cause vomiting or diarrhea but the birds like it so a good one for the garden.
Still waiting for those Hazel Nuts.
But look whats already appearing on the Hazel - male catkins or lambs tails.
Missed the Japanese Rose flowering - another throw out.
Meadow Vetchling in bud
and seed.
Norway Maple
with it's seeds or keys - I picked a few of these up, it was only when I got home and looked at them I found that only this one had seeds - I wonder if the squirrels also like these as there was no sign of entry until I checked them - they had been bent and the seeds removed, just like I was going to do later. So hopefully I got two good seeds.

Never seen the like of it, some one beat me to them.

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