Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday 30 November

On our own this morning, we saw just one walker in the distance.

The daffodils are still intact, I am stunned as they are so exposed.
Meadow Buttercup still flowering.
The Pond slowly filling, this field has a few pockets of water like this - this is the largest, we think the field was used for digging the clay which lies below most of the land in the area, brick making was popular around here.
Our Robin is surprised to see me waiting with the camera.
But he/she is beginning to recognise us. I am going to call him/her Charlie 2 as we think old Charlie has moved on to hopefully a better place.
I can almost hear Charlie 2 say might as well tuck in she isn't going to move till I pose.
Good day for us and Meg.

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  1. That bird is simply gorgeous! The colonists who named our bird a robin for its resemblance to yours were doing a lot of wishful thinking.


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