Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday 1 December

Below freezing this morning, so we have to show the frost and the Christmas Tree - looks a bit bare at the moment but hopefully it will gain as walkers & ramblers add baubles etc on it. It is an English Oak sapling, there are lots of these in the woods.
We all felt cold by the time we got back to the lodges - we are just not use to it, too many mild winters.
Take Care.


  1. I love the tree decorating idea! Who started it? Is this done all over the UK, or is it local to your trail? I can't believe I've found another blog by a real person who just goes for walks and takes interesting pictures!

  2. The tree decorating seems to happen in most areas of England, we have no idea why, it just seems a good to share at this time of the year. I am going to find a photo sent to me last year of a tree decorated by walkers it was beautiful. As for the Robin, it is a very friendly bird always looking for the odd titbit or worm.


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