Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 25 January

Cool morning, we got going and soon warmed up.
Took the usual route over toward the barrow plenty of small birds about, looks like the Robins are pairing off - they are coming to the post in twos, no sign of any fighting.

The Magpies seem to have come through the frost in good numbers, they have a terrible reputation so a lot of folk will not be happy about that, I once thought them a pest especially when seen hunting for food under roof eaves, they do get a few youngsters, that's nature, a part I once thought cruel, now realize it is all part of the whole picture, it's all balanced if left alone.

Heron among the reed bed - almost missed him.

Jelly Fungi - Id as Tremella sp. possibly Tremella fuciformis

Always reminds me of clear silicone.

Just to give some scale my wellington

George, Arnold & Meg homeward bound.

Last seasons Teasel heads - the goldfinch love them.

Take Care.

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  1. I,ve found the Jelly Fungi several times out on my walks but never quite knew what it was, thanks for the information


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