Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday 23 January

First I must apologize to Sharkbyte (comment on previous post), I suppose I am misleading a lot of folk, locals will know that I mean the bird table that is in the sluice channel, this channel is an old industrial one with a sluice gate for draining the top lodge (man made lake) into the big lodge, there are quite a few around this area that are linked with these sluice channels, a bygone part of the cotton and bleaching industry. The levels of the lodges can be altered with the gates - the main channel is linked to the river with another gate, I must do a blog about this showing all the remaining bits of this once thriving industry. Hope this clarifies the sluice table.

Back to our day, we caught up with Sue & Debbie, had a good walk & talk.

The gorse has been in flower all year - I always remember the old saying "when the gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion" never known kissing to be out of fashion yet.

It's a fantastic shrub for the hedge always has a bit of colour, some months it is a mass of yellow flowers.

Meg tired out - this is her pillow & her baby.

Take Care.

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