Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday 12 February

Just below freezing, we were on our own again.
We walked up to the top end of Spring Wood.

It is a haven for the deer and other wildlife.
Very hard to get into and very muddy in the driest weather. So at the moment be prepared to lose your wellies.
Carried on to Burgh Wood, it looks very open at the moment without the canopy of leaves. The footpaths are a mess due the off road bikes - they are not supposed to be in the wood but how do you stop them?
The quality of the woodpecker photos are poor but I was a long way off and it was only my small camera
Have heard them drumming for a few days this was our sighting this year.
We saw what we think was another at the bottom end of the wood.

These four photos of fungi are all on the same Beech tree - the area they are growing was burn a couple of years ago.
They are probably all the same but at different stages, ID's welcome.

Lords & Ladies at the bottom end of Burgh Wood near the big lodge much further advanced than the ones in Spring Wood.

Snowdrops in bud

I love coming out of the wood and seeing the Big Lodge.
Another cold night for the birds -

Lots of Gulls

Take Care.


  1. Anonymous8:48 am

    Great pictuers as always. X

  2. I love the light on the trees, but don't get me started on off-road bikes! I don't know what Lords & Ladies are. The leaves look like our Lily of the Valley.


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