Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 13 February

Just below freezing, we met up with Debbie and walked up to the Barrow field, we had a good look around plenty of leaves coming through on the disturbed ground - it's surprising what turns up on this sort of ground, it did have a few orchids on it, looks to be a mainly meadow buttercup, redshank, common sorrel, ribwort, cow parsley, red clover plus plenty of dandelion coming through at the moment.

We carried on and did the top end of Burgh Wood.
then back to Spring Wood hoping to see the deer, no sign of them.

Cherry Laurel in bud.
Lambs tails or Male Hazel Catkin.

We then drifted over to the bottom end of Burgh Wood - at this end we could hear the people around the lodges, time to make our way home.
Came back through the bottom of Spring Wood and down Primrose Hill, we soon got into the park and made our way home - a bit of sunshine brings everyone out for a walk.

Take Care.

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  1. The picture of the buds is great, but I just love to hear the names of the places you walk too! I'm sure it just sounds ordinary to you, but to me it sounds like you are strolling through Narnia or Middle Earth!


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