Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday 6 March

The day got off to a good start, I was out in the garden at 6am with Meg when I thought I would see how the patch at the back of the greenhouse was doing, crocus buds and remnants of sow-bread, plus a beautiful field mouse sat motionless, it vanished in a blink, the nick it went into was minute, but it was in there as seconds later a little nose was testing the air followed by those big eyes, I left it to have it's breakfast wishing I'd had my camera in my hand.

Met up with Sue & Debbie, saw no one on our walk and not a sign of the deer or fox.

Back at the lodges we met a few walkers, tern raft has been cleaned up and prepared for the return of the terns (hopefully)
We have a good group of folk all with something to add to the enjoyment of the walks.

Swans still following for food.
Edward always first to the table.

Waiting for me again.

Take Care.

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