Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday 3 April

George arrived and we set off, soon found Sue & the tribe.
We were just glad of a bit of sunshine - plenty of birds about including a scold of Jays behind the top lodge I counted at least 8. As soon as my camera came out they all flew off to Burgh Wood.
We carried on to the Barrow.

On the footpath this poor frog had been to the pond and escaped the heron only to be caught on the way back.

I wonder why the legs are intact?
Perhaps they are not as tasty as the French would have us believe.

Frog spawn just below the water level.

Take Care.


  1. Wowser! What kind of frog is that? Hey, you were a top commenter at Congrats!

  2. Happy Easter to you :)

    What a lovely walk you had, with sightings of Jays and frogspawn :)

    I thought we might not have so many frogs this year after five weeks of frozen ponds and temps well below freezing...but, they popped up from the bottom of our ponds just as good as new :)

    I LOVE the Gorse in the previous soon as it appears I am taken on a trip down Memory Lane to when I first saw masses of it blooming, as a child :)


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