Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday 4 April

Lovely dry morning, we were on our own again.

Headed up through Spring Wood

Look at the balsam seedlings, there are more than ever this year.
Bashing does not work if it's left too late, needs to be done before they reach 18 inches tall.
Once they get beyond that I believe bashing does more harm than good.

Sycamore always one of the first to green up.

Silver Birch Catkin.

This had me fooled - I saw it from across the gully, we made our way to it and yes it's forsythia and no it's not growing yet, it is a cutting it may root we left it to mother nature.

We think these are Pheasant feathers - possible fox kill not a lot left.

I brought a piece of this bitter-cress home to check if it was wavy or hairy, this photo is magnified 60 times.

I opened the flower up to see the stamens only 4 so it's Hairy Bitter-cress - this photo is 10 times magnification.

Take Care.

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  1. Thanks for your blog information about the Bitter-cress, you learn something every day.


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