Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 13 April

Cool dry morning, the flowers are appearing all over.
The trees are coming to life - I wonder what this year will bring, I always say that each year we have an abundance of something, some years we have horseflies or ladybirds one year it was wasps, certain plants like ragwort a few years ago. Last year for me it was buttercups meadow & creeping they were everywhere and I know they not to everyone's taste but I thought they looked wonderful.

Groundsel - one that we find everywhere, a cousin to the ragwort,
the flowers in the photo rarely open much more - just peeping out.

Wild Turnip - this turns up at the top of Spring Wood most years.

Since the work on the building site we have had a few plants along with Oil Seed Rape, also found another Brassica on a mound of earth they have left hopefully for a little while longer at least till it gets it's flowers I think it's Wild Cabbage normally a coastal plant. 

Marsh Marigold in flower.

Nearby was Wood Sorrel.

On the way home a nice patch of Colt's-foot that the rabbits have left.

Take Care

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  1. Rabbits eat coltsfoot? It's a problem alien here, but it does brighten up the dry roadsides.


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