Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday 17 May

Mild and dry - It was just Meg & me today, we were expecting a parcel so Arnold waited in. It did not come till 11am.

I did all the the little places we miss when there is a group.

A better photo of the Bog Stitchwort - Stellaria uliginosa.

Butterbur Leaves - Petasites hybridus by the river.

Cherry Laurel - Prunus laurocerasus

Common Bistort - Persicaria bistorta

I sat waiting for the return of a Great Tit and only managed it's tail, I might try again another day.

Apart from the colour it looks nothing like lesser celandine but it's called
Greater Celandine - Chelidonium majus

Large Bittercress - Cardamine amara, I seem to be finding this all over the place, it is lovely and certainly brightens my day.

These Mallards were on the Little Lodge, we have got a lot more babies than last year.

Swan Family the babes are growing.

Teasel - Dipsacus fullonum

The  yobs have been busy again - originally they planted 5 silver birch saplings as a memoriam one cut down within weeks, now another one has been snapped, they never catch these people but if they did I would put them among this fallen soldier's comrades.

Orange Welsh Poppy - Meconopsis cambrica


Later in the day I walked up through the village to do an errand, it should have taken me less than 30 minutes - I was out 2 hours.
There were quite a few 7 Spot ladybirds on this patch of rough ground.

Another Dandelion suffering from fasciation.

Goats Beard - Tragopogon pratensis growing in the footpath nicks.

Pansy  probably out of a hanging basket.

Spear Thistle - Circium vulgare quite a few growing outside the front door of a boarded up building. It is near the railway lines so lots plants get carried in on the draught from the passing trains.

This is a new garden project for the village.

These tree trunks have been set into the ground, they will be carved by chainsaw in July into One Man and His Dog.

The notice on the stump shows a finished one, I am looking forward to seeing this, hopefully I will get some photos.

Take Care.

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