Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday 4 September

A  welcome dry day for the Charnock Richard Village Scarecrows.

Each year lots of the villagers make scarecrows and display them, I had a ride round and took some photos - these are just a few.

Anyone for tennis?
Wimbledon's no 1 court has not got grass that good.

This old bloke had plenty of company, loads of people had their photo taken with him.
He was quite realistic.

Two Smiley folk.
Last of the Summer Wine.

 A lot of thought and work went into this.

This was a good likeness for Kim & Aggy of How Clean is Your House.

Did not recognise this pop star - perhaps I am as they say not with it.

I know these two - showing my age.

Men at Work

Reminded me of Mr Potato Head.

The note says his mate went to look at the chimney ages ago, wonder what happened to him?
Whoops here he is.
Compare the and an Indian friend.

British Gas to the rescue.

The Mangle Family.

Lady sat knitting with her cat.

These quad bikes get every where.

These two have escaped from the TV commercial.

This was realistic.

The wicked witch of the west chasing
Dorothy and her friends on the yellow brick road.

The X factor judges were there.

We even had a bit of excitement with this scarecrow putting out a fire.

I liked this one - it was one that could have been in a field.

The next few photos were all in one area - they called it the Changing of the Guard.

Although I have no idea what these two had to do with it.

I had a great time and really enjoyed everyone of the scarecrows.

The Yarrow passes under this bridge, this is one of the main roads into the village.

I pushed my bike down Sharratt's Path on my way home to see what plants were about.
Japanese Knotweed - Fallopia japonica
This is a pest but last year it was cut down, as you can see still some about but only a tenth of previous years - it needs to be done again to make a good job, the only problem now is the balsam that is growing where the knotweed was.

Japanese Knotweed - Fallopia japonica

Top Lodge early morning.
These were out of range for my small camera but perhaps they can be ID.

Take Care.


  1. Congratulations on photographing the very secretive Water Rail.

  2. Those scarecrows are a lot of fun! Some places here have done something similar, but they sure aren't done that well.

    The Japanese Knotweed is awful in the US... threatening to become the kudzu of the north.


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