Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday 7 November

A frost this morning, we were early as we had to go fishing for a stick, it was Sue's it had fallen into the river yesterday, it was in deep water and only just afloat, fortunately it was not noticeable so we felt it was safe till today. 
This is the stick  - it's a one off, collie inset, burr elm, cow horn, buffalo spacer with Sweet Chestnut stick.
 Taking string, wire and two lengths of bamboo with us we secured the stick, it was as good as new after a quick wipe down.
 All's well that ends well.

Arnold's stick fell in a few months ago but we managed to retrieve it even though it had almost disappeared due to the weight of the antler handle.

Found these near the slippery log

Take Care.


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    A big thank you to my two friends for retrieving my stick i would be lost with out it. just wished i could have seen you get it out of the river xxxxxx

  2. Wow, nice stick! Glad you were able to snag it.

  3. You know we love a challenge, pity about having no photos of the event.


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