Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saturday 15 January

Very Mild morning, we were just chatting and all of a sudden 3 Roe Deer ran across the Barrow and into Burgh Wood, they came from Spring Wood.

You can just make their white rumps out in the distance.

Work has been going on at the top end of Burgh Wood, Rhododendron has been cut back.

They told us they are going to get the roots out - now that I have got to see.

They have been burning it. This was lit yesterday.

It rained hard overnight and it was still glowing this morning.

Got back to the lodges.

Billy our resident male was guarding his territory and females which are his mother and sister.

Edwina & Lucy 

Here is the reason for Billy's aggression, a new male is treading on his toes or should I say webbed feet.
He is bigger than Billy so would be a fine addition to the lodge, I hope he stays.

Take Care.

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