Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday 13 April

Dry this morning.
Sue saw one Roe Deer on the Sunny Brow side of the River it must have gone towards the rucks as we were on Sunny Brow at the time.

Bad news for the Long Tail Tit Nest - something has made a hole in the side - plenty of feathers about but we are hoping they are lining material not the parent birds.

 Quite a few broken eggs on the ground. All that work and nothing to show for it.

Cuckooflower -  Cardamine pratensis out on Primrose Hill.

 Sue calls these Kamikaze Mallards -  

 Good job they can fly.

We found this notice thrown near the path - presume it's from the field

Take Care.

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  1. Poor tits! I know it's the way of the wild, but it seems so sad when it's "someone" we know.


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