Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday 11 July

On our own so we ambled about - it was dry and warm in the valley.

Bramble - Rubus fruticosus
Japanese Larch - Larix kaempferi
Tutsan - Hypericum androsaemum
 Not a pretty sight but nature has to be seen in all it's facets - we think a crow...
Wood Sage - Teucrium scorodonia
 Speckled Wood a bit worn - by the old cottage ruins at Dry Bones.
Garden Privet  - Ligustrum ovalifolium
Lesser Burdock - Arctium minus
 Meadow Brown lots about on Primrose Hill.
Figwort Sawfly - Tenthredo scrophulariae
Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil - Lotus pedunculatus
Red Bartsia - Odontites verna
Spear Thistle - Circium vulgare
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium
Mugwort in Bud - Artemisia vulgaris
Yellow Iris Seed Pods - Iris pseudacorus

Take Care.

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