Saturday, March 03, 2012

Monday 27 February

Damp again, so we did the edges of the woods.

 Bramble - Rubus fruticosus
 Canada Geese making a lot of noise 
 Daisy - Bellis perennis
Another damaged nestbox 
 Darwin's Barberry - Berberis darwinii in bud
 Had this tentatively ID as Blushing Bracket 
is it Blushing Bracket?
 Lord & Ladies - Arum maculatum there are plenty in this area.
 This is the place were we find fresh flowers placed - the daffodils are in a jug.
 Scarlet Elf Cup - Sarcoscypha sp. just one in Burgh Wood, I am sure that I have probably seen these before but thought it was a bit of plastic, I nearly disregarded this one.
Swans back on the big lodge trying to get the youngsters to go.

Take Care

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