Monday, January 07, 2013

Thursday 3 January

Damp again

 Red Campion - Silene dioica my 2nd open flower this year, campion will flower all year round if the weather permits.
 Common Polypody - Polypodium vulgare - there is not a lot of this about in this area so I have been pleased to see this bit flourish in the wall of the lodge, the circular spore/sori tell me it is common.
 Common Polypody - Polypodium vulgare found this the other day and I now believe this is the source of the one on the wall - this is on the branch of an Oak Tree - I have been reading that this was a prized plant growing in the Oak it was believed to have gained the strength of the Mighty Oak, the root was used as a medicine for coughs, congestion, constipation and worms, quite a list. They say the root is sweet and has a liquorice flavour I can not confirm as I have not tasted it and not likely to :)  
Common Polypody - Polypodium vulgare - Well worth researching 

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