Friday, September 20, 2013

Saturday 14 September

Damp morning

 The Common Evening-primrose - Oenothera biennis is still looking good.

 We have always had a few field mice in the garden and shed, never been a bother but unfortunately a black cat has started to sit in the back and wait for them, it does not bother the birds but sits patiently for our mice, certainly has done a good job, wishful thinking on my part that the mice have moved but I have waited till the weather has turned and hopefully all breeding has passed, we set the live catcher and have caught our first one for release.
She was a beauty and we found her a nice spot for release - it's up to her now. We have caught 3 more in just over a week and all have been released at the same spot, let's hope they find one another and live happily ever after.

Take Care

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  1. I don't know if we could take them far enough away. We seem to have a barn cat again, so perhaps that will keep our population somewhat under control. They are SO cute, though.


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