Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Tuesday 20 August

Dry Morning

Found this Common Evening-primrose - Oenothera biennis hidden behind the lamp post, not far from the tomato that was growing out of the nick in the pavement, I can only think the seeds are being carried on the wind, none of the local gardens have Evening Primrose.
Even though it is called Common Evening Primrose it has become a bit of a rarity so I have sent details off to the county recorder.
 These steps use to be the only way down to the weir area but since the new wheelchair path has been built it is not the most popular way.
 Tansy - Tanacetum vulgare this is the place for herbs the old cottage gardens.
Apples near Dry Bones don't know if these are bakers or eaters time will tell.

Take Care

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  1. We have the primrose everywhere- a roadside weed. I have tansy. It will grow in my garden too well- takes over everything.


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